The Rage of Unbelief

Scripture Text: Psalm 2:1–7

We may keep ourselves from revenge by pitying those rushing to their own perdition. They do not in the least injure us, but horribly destroy themselves.

The Way of Faith

Scripture Text: Psalm 1:1–6

God leads us, not in the way of sense or reason, but in the way of faith alone, even of that faith that sees in darkness and beholds things that are invisible.

True Man and True God

Scripture Text: Matthew 22:41–46

"Christ was both David’s true natural son, of his blood and flesh, and also David’s Lord, whom David himself must worship and hold as God."

The Unity of the Church

Scripture Text: Romans 15:1–6

Christian unity resists sin and everything opposed to the religion of Christ, so the apostle enjoins us to be likeminded according to Christ Jesus.

The Sin of Ingratitude

Scripture Text: Proverbs 17:13–14

No sin is more abominable to human nature, and of none is human nature less tolerant than the sin of ingratitude, for returning love and friendship with hatred.

The Evils of Ingratitude

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 1:3–9

"The devil takes no respite, but whenever the gospel is preached in its purity he mixes with the children of God and sows his tares."

The Unity of the Church

Scripture Text: Ephesians 4:1–6

The unity of the Church does not consist in similarity of outward forms and customs but because it represents one plain, pure gospel doctrine.

Showing Faith

Scripture Text: Matthew 5:14–16

This earthly life is not for our own sake but instead, our lives and everything we do, must contribute to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Holding Fast in Faith

Scripture Text: Philippians 1:3–6

The apostle implores God that they may increase and persevere in faith. Such is the great value he places upon possessing and holding fast God’s Word.

A Prosperity of Grace

Scripture Text: Psalm 1:1–6

Blessed are those persons who delight in God's Word, for they will prosper in the Lord's grace. Planted near this stream of truth, their spirits will grow in faith.

Freely Forgiven

Scripture Text: Matthew 18:23–27

The conscience knows its standing with God only through the merits of Christ Jesus. So long as we try to appease God, the conscience is troubled.

Standing Firmly

Scripture Text: Ephesians 6:10–13

It is dangerous to live heedlessly, for the devil is likely to take you by surprise. When you think you stand securely, he is ready to strike you down.

He Promised

Scripture Text: Psalm 34:19–22

"God has promised me through his Son, and confirmed it through my baptism, that he who hears and sees the Son shall be delivered from sin and death."


Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 1:4–9

"What Paul terms being enriched “in all utterance” ... is having the comfort of faith in Christ and of invocation and prayer ... the Word of God ... Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, the Commandments and the Creed."


Scripture Text: Ephesians 4:17–25

"Since Christians, by the grace and Spirit of God, are now renewed in this image of God, they are so to live that soul and spirit are righteous and pleasing to God through faith in Christ..."

The Old Man

Scripture Text: Luke 17:11–19

"True Christians so live that it is apparent from their lives that they keep God before their eyes and truly believe the gospel."

One in Ten

Scripture Text: Luke 17:11–19

We are sufficiently warned in the gospel to follow Christ, not the doctrines of men, so that no excuse will help us if we allow ourselves to be deceived.

Calling Jesus “Lord”

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1–3

All Christians may equally call Christ “Lord.” One may be assured he serves Christ if he can call him “Lord,” for only by the Holy Spirit is he enabled to do so.

Knowledge of Sin

Scripture Text: 1 John 1:5–9

There is no work or merit in the kingdom, but only the acknowledgment of all our misfortune, and the reception of the gospel upon which faith depends

Behold His Glory

Scripture Text: John 17:24–26

"We are not only to be with him, but we are also to come to a clear, bright view of his glory. Here upon earth we have it and recognize it only by faith."

The Authority to Proclaim

Scripture Text: John 20:19–23

All who have been baptized and who believe in Christ have the authority and power to forgive sins in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Kingdom Comfort

Scripture Text: Matthew 9:1–7

"Let us ... remain on the right road to the kingdom of Christ with the words of the gospel which comfort the conscience: Be of good cheer, thy sins are forgiven."

Fulfilling God's Law

Scripture Text: Romans 13:10

"We have need of the law, that love may be manifested; but if it cannot be kept without injury to our neighbor, God wants us to suspend it."

Pleasing Service

Scripture Text: Hebrews 11:17–19

Service is displeasing to God when done without the command and word of God. First comes love, then follows the service that will be pleasing to God.

The Christian Life

Scripture Text: Luke 17:11–14

The Christian life does not need much doctrine, nor many books. Indeed, the Christian life is wholly contained in faith and love.

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