Concerning Repentance – part 75

Scripture Text: Acts 20:18–21

Of what use is repentance, if it is merely being sorry for sins and then doing something good? People will remain in guilt, knowing that they are never good enough to merit forgiveness.

Concerning Repentance – part 73

Scripture Text: Ezekiel 33:10–13

Should you try not to sin? Certainly; but your ability or inability has nothing to do with forgiveness. Should you be sorry when you sin, and seek to do better? Absolutely, yet again, this has nothing to do with forgiveness of sin.

Concerning Repentance – part 72

Scripture Text: Romans 4:20–5:1

Faith must always be in the forefront because it makes us think of Christ. Even sorrow, though necessary but, because it naturally causes us to try to settle our own sins, must never be considered alone.

Concerning Repentance – part 71

Scripture Text: Psalm 143:1–2

Let us be reasonable. Were we to depend upon our own righteousness and faithfulness, who could survive the wrath of God? They are deluded and arrogant persons...

Concerning Repentance – part 70

Scripture Text: Ephesians 4:20–25

Someone better make us holy and righteous or we are in eternal trouble. We have faith that Jesus was sent by his Father to accomplish this very thing.

Concerning Repentance – part 69

Scripture Text: Romans 10:8–11

It is not possible for someone to have a peaceful conscience, if they doubt that God is gracious toward them. No matter how hard they try to do right and be religious, they still question whether they have forgiveness of sins.

Concerning Repentance – part 68

Scripture Text: James 1:6–8

James is speaking to the topic of receiving wisdom from God in this passage of Scripture. However, the same exhortation may be applied to anything one asked of God. Ask in faith. Believe!

Concerning Repentance – part 67

Scripture Text: John 15:1–5

How can I keep the law without Christ’s help? I cannot, for I will either not do it at all, do it imperfectly, or as likely as not, do it with an impure devotion.

Concerning Repentance – part 66

Scripture Text: Hebrews 9:13–15

Cleansing from sins has always been necessary to God. Atonement has been required since the earliest days of Judaism. Even the first sin needed covering with death.

Concerning Repentance – part 65

Scripture Text: Matthew 5:13–16

If we believe that we must keep the law in order to be forgiven by God, then we are saying that justification, righteousness, and forgiveness are not matters over which Christ has any power.

Concerning Repentance – part 64

Scripture Text: Galatians 3:22–24

The law incarcerates; it does not free. Only faith in Christ frees us from captivity to sin and death. Yet thank God for the law, for without its accusations, we would never know our need for salvation and God’s grace.

Concerning Repentance – part 63

Scripture Text: Ephesians 6:14–20

Believe the promise of the gospel; it is the truth. Know that Christ’s own righteousness has been granted to you as protection against sin and death.

Concerning Repentance – part 62

Scripture Text: 2 Corinthians 3:12–16

We cannot read the law with veiled hearts and expect to find the grace of God. All we sense is God’s displeasure. So, we cannot expect the law to come to our rescue.

Concerning Repentance – part 59

Scripture Text: Romans 1:1–7

Faith in Christ arouses good works, but it is faith in Christ that receives forgiveness. Although God certainly wills that we speak and do good, our salvation does not depend upon such goodness.

Concerning Repentance – part 58

Scripture Text: Luke 5:18–24

It was common in Jesus’ time for people to think their physical ailments and disabilities were the result of their sins. Think of the paralyzed man being carried on a cot to Jesus.

Concerning Repentance – part 57

Scripture Text: 1 Thessalonians 2:13

We must be sure to believe in the word of God, not the words of men. The testimony of men reasons that we must do good things to appease an angry God.

Concerning Repentance – part 56

Scripture Text: 2 Timothy 3:16–17

In C. S. Lewis’ poem, “As the Ruin Falls,” he writes, “a scholar’s parrot may talk Greek.” People may sound authoritative; indeed, some birds may seem so. But by their singing, one may determine what sort of birds these authorities are.

Concerning Repentance – part 55

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 15:55–58

The doctrine of justification by faith is one for which people have given their lives. Luther himself, knowing that his life would be forfeit, declared that his conscience was captive to the Word of God, not to the doctrines of men.

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