Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung, warm weather has come, and the victory over death is won! Happy Easter to you all! I think this is a magnificent time of year. The air smells clear and we can start to get outside without all the coats, boots, and things and with three small kids at home there is a lot of winter gear at our house! The world just seems a little bit magical as we emerge from that gear like butterflies out of the cocoon. It is like winning a great victory over winter! As we head through spring, we leave the behind us the dead looking trees, the bare branches the brown grass, the ugliness of the death that surrounded us in winter! Instead, we get to see life anew in the green grass and the sprouting leaves, the release of the river from its icy bonds and the breaking through of flowers that rise anew. The other part of Spring that I love is that in this season we get to celebrate Easter! We rejoice in victory that Christ has over the grave. We relish in his triumph over sin, death and the devil and shout Alleluia after 40 days of not hearing it ring in the church rafters. This is most definitely a high point of the church year. And yet just before this great joy there is much grief and sadness. There is death like the hold that winter takes on the earth. There is the unknown of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The loss felt in Holy Saturday along with worry and despair felt even on the walk to the tomb and fear before the Word is proclaimed to the women at the tomb. “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here but has risen!” At Easter we learn that the struggle does not predict the outcome. As the winter cannot hold onto spring, the grave cannot hold back the power of our God, nor take away the promise our Savior’s resurrection offers to us! This promise of new life is granted to the baptized! It is a promise that holds through any worry, any doubt, any depression! It even trumps death! This spring if you are feeling less than joyous in the midst of the changing weather and you are struggling to feel like you are close to God, hear now that in the person of Jesus Christ God has come near to you! You are granted new life and a joyous resurrection, snatched from the claws of death, and celebrated as a loved child of God! May you know this grace and may it grow to overflowing in your life! 
In His Grip, 
Pastor Karen Seifert

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